rebels in action

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Special Thanks to all of those guys in the "trenches" getting that raw footage of the Bay Area's finest athletes in action!.  Never has so few owed so much to so many.  We compete, work hard, and play hard.  Come get some! Rebels are hungry, and the competition is fierce!

- Let's GET IT!  Melvin

   12 / UNDER
 2013 12/u ROSTER
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Head Coach - Tremaine Moore 510-228-8776    
Asst. Coach -
Asst. Coach-    
 Manager- Veronica Gomez      
Num Player Pos Ht Wt HS. Graduation School Grade
  Nicholas Khiev         Montera  
  Josua Khiev         Montera  
Christian Nolasco     Montera  
  Dana Gaines III         Edna Brewer  
  Thomas Kilgore Jr. (TJ)         Bancroft  
  Shelby Ainsworth            
  Isaiah Lawrence            
  Aman Jackson            
  Alijah Kopelman            
  Phillip Bigayan